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Quality water = Andania Artesian water
Andania Artesian Bottled Water - Quality water - Feature article

As the temperature rises, Summer season is the greatest period to talk about the importance of water consumption and hydration. Most often, when we talk about hydration we mean the increase of moisture in our body. However, drinking water not only hydrates but also benefits our body and skin in a variety of ways.

Water maintains and regulates our body temperature at the right levels, protects sensitive tissues and helps eliminate toxins. Lubricates the joints making them more resistant to stress. At the same time, by eliminating useless substances from the body, it works in additionally for the kidneys and the liver and reduces the burden of these organs.

Due to the fact that we sweat more in the summer, we also lose more fluid faster, thus increasing the body’s need for extra water intake. It is estimated that every year around 1 billion liters of bottled water are consumed in Greece. From time to time, we have read many studies on water quality in our country. We now know that there are different species in the category of bottled water. Natural mineral table, spring water, artesian, etc.

At this point it is imperative to cover our needs with quality products, which we know where they come from and which will offer us what we need. Such product is the Artesian water “Andania”.

Artesian is the groundwater that is trapped between layers of rock forming underground aquifers. The water inside the artesian aquifers receives hydrostatic pressure because it is located between two communicating vessels. Thus, if a borehole pierces the artesian aquifer then it will naturally gush to the surface throughout the year and with the same composition of metals and salts. This is a noticeable difference in relation to the other waters for which pumping is required.

Το αρτεσιανό νερό θεωρείται καλύτερης ποιότητας διότι φιλτράρεται φυσικά από τα πετρώματα, βρίσκεται σε μεγάλο βάθος και αναβλύζει στην επιφάνεια χωρίς να έρθει σε επαφή με άλλα επιφανειακά ύδατα και ρύπους.

It also has a higher content of minerals and salts that are beneficial to the body. Surfaced water is shielding from environmental pollutants, makes it free of contaminants at the same time that passes through rocks enriches it with minerals.

Below we present you in more detail this special water supply mechanism that is utilized in artesian water:

Ανδανία - Εμφιαλωμένο Αρτεσιανό νερό Μεσσηνίας - Στρωματογραφία

While the average purchase price from a 500 ml bottled water in a supermarket is around a few cents, there is a water that is sold at a higher price than a soft drink. This is an artesian water that is bottled in America, which apart from its exotic name and high-paid marketing has no difference in quality in comparison with the artesian water “Andania” from the Peloponnese.

The Artesian water Andania is rich in minerals that are necessary for our organism such as:

  • Calcium, which is important for our teeth and bones.
  • Natural electrolytes, which help regulate blood acidity and pH balance, protecting you from feeling of fatigue.
  • Its taste has a unique “freshness”.
  • Bottled by the water source with the latest equipment, safe technology and methods, without any processing and with a great respect to nature.
  • The water source area is fully protected from external infectious agents.
  • Complies with all the specifications provided by Greek and European legislation for the definition of a “natural mineral water” or “spring water”, but in fact it is superior water quality.
Ανδανία - Εμφιαλωμένο Αρτεσιανό νερό Μεσσηνίας - Στρωματογραφία

With all these beneficial minerals plus the freshness in taste and protection from contamination, artesian water “Andania” has unique advantages and an attractive price, affordable for the consumer.

In Europe and America Artesian water seems to have won the favor of consumers. Apart from the US FIJI, VOSS from Norway, Artesian22 from Spain, Jana from Croatia, many more are surprisingly selling despite their expensive price. This is due to the informed consumers ,who are constantly looking for the product that will meet their needs and it will have the quality that will allow them to have a healthy continuity daily life.

In Greece the artesian water is not well known and few are aware of the artesian water “Andania” that gushes at the foothills of the Arcadian mountains. A product that ideally combines quality and cost. Bottled water from a hygienically clean source. A product with a high traceability index, in order for the consumer to have a clear and complete picture of the water he drinks.

Characteristic appearance of our special water and distinct quality is available in the prefecture of Ilia. We provide the possibility of your supply with all the available packages. For more information or your questions, you can contact us at 6943950022 and 6945954292.

Source: ilialive.gr
Article author: Antonis Rouvalis – P.E. Agronomist Α.Μ. : 1-23861