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Andania artesian water
Nature’s most protected Water!
  • Ανδανία Εμφιαλωμένο νερό Μεσσηνίας - Προέλευση - Σύννεφα


  • Ανδανία Εμφιαλωμένο νερό Μεσσηνίας - Προέλευση - Βουνό


  • Ανδανία Εμφιαλωμένο νερό Μεσσηνίας - Προέλευση - Υπέδαφος


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    Underground aquifer

Where does it come from?
It all starts with the cloud that drops its water on Lykaion and Nomia mountain formations. From there, after a journey of thousands years, the water penetrates the limestone rocks and is trapped in the underground aquifer of Upper Messinia. The clay layer that encloses the underground aquifer is waterproof and completely shields it from surface water. Due to the hydrostatic pressure, it gushes naturally through diaphragm tubing from the well of our factory and is bottled pure in the most modern facilities 40 meters near the source.
What makes the artesian water unique;

Its deep underground aquifer and the entrapped watertight rocks makes Artesian water free of contaminants, harmful chemicals and radioactive elements that are often found in surface waters. Rich in Calcium which contributes to build healthy bones and teeth, Rich in Electrolytes that regulate the distribution of water in the body and contribute to neuromuscular stimulation, contains silica that contributes to anti-aging action

Water protection
and its bottling procedure

After studying the geological formations and the drilling tests, our drilling was carried out with complete isolation of the surface water (diaphragm piping) penetrating through the watertight layers we located the artesian water, which due to the pressure gushes naturally through stainless steel to reach fresh and pure to the consumer.

Andania - Bottled Artesian water of Messinia - Ergopack factory

The space is fully compliant with the modern requirements of the food industry. The bottling plant is certified with ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO: 9001: 2015 and covers its energy needs from photovoltaic systems that are installed at the factory area.

During our course, our company has received ISO QCERT 22000: 2005 certificates for bottling and disposal water as well as ISO TUV 9001: 2008 and QCERT 9001: 2015 for “production and disposal of plastic caps, bottles and packaging materials, installation and maintenance of photovoltaic parks and renewable energy systems“.

Our company compensates the consumption of its electricity by producing a corresponding amount of green energy from its photovoltaic park.

In addition of the production lines for artesian water Andania, ERGOPAK produces PET bottles and caps by launching the flip-top cap.

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